How We Got Here, Part 4

     We were discouraged and sad to still be waiting. Since the adoption process is so lengthy, we just felt the need to get started! I have realized something interesting about myself during this process–well to be honest lots of things! But one thing in particular is how paradoxical my mind and heart can be. I believe with all of my being that God has chosen a specific child to be in our family. His plans and timing are not haphazard, but specific and detailed. I know this beyond a doubt. But so often my heart is filled with fear and frustration, almost as if I believe we could somehow miss our child or that God’s plans might be thwarted. Nothing could be further from the truth!

     Jeremiah 29:11 says, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not calamity, to give you a future and a hope.'” Matthew 10:30 says, “the very hairs of your head are numbered.” Our LORD God is both mighty and intimately loving. We can trust Him with the children we have now and the ones we will have in the future.

     So we waited. Time seemed to both creep and fly, depending on the day. And finally February came!

     We attended adoption seminars in February and April learning so much both times. We also had the blessing of meeting other families who are also going through this process. Jeremy and I are now working on completing our piles of paperwork and beginning our home study. We will do a lot more waiting before our baby comes, but honestly it feels good to be able to do something concrete right now!

     Our next step requires the completion of pounds of paperwork, passing our homestudy, and extensive fundraising. Please stand with us in prayer as we navigate the exciting and frustrating waters of adoption. We will keep you updated! Thanks for joining us on our journey. We are so excited to share with you how the LORD moves to bring our baby home!


How We Got Here, Part 3

S was born toward the beginning of 2010, nineteen months after his brother. He was happy, strong-willed, and hilarious! Having two boys is stressful and exhausting–at times they are like wild Indians! But our boys are the joy of our lives. They are so sweet, kind, and funny. They make us smile and laugh. One of the best parts is how much they love each other! They do fight quite a bit, but they play together all the time. And they are always quick with a hug, kiss, or the words “I love you.”

When S was fifteen months old, we started researching adoption agencies. We pretty quickly found Covenant Care Services. I think what sold us on this agency was the testimonials of how Covenant Care surrounded both adoptive and birth parents with loving support and prayer. As we watched online video testimonials, we were filled with joy and excitement. Covenant Care is a non-profit agency which raises funds to help off-set adoption costs. Their adoption pricing is done on a sliding scale, which means that since we have little money, our adoption costs will be on the low end, probably somewhere around $12,000.

I had been reading books on adoption for a long while, so armed with a long list of questions I contacted with agency. When we made sure everything checked out, we began our paperwork. Covenant Care told us that their required adoption seminars were offered twice a year. If we turned in our pre-application by the end of August, we would get into the fall 2011 seminars. We filled out the first set of paperwork–we still have to complete hundreds more pages during this process–and sent the pre-application in on time.

A few weeks later we received a disappointing e-mail. Covenant Care had an abnormally large group of potential adoptive parents apply all at once. That’s great because it means more adoptive parents for kids in need. But it is also sad for us because it meant that the seminar was full. We would have to wait until February 2012! And so we entered more deeply into the process of actively waiting.


How We Got Here, Part 2

Our son, J, was born in 2008. He was snuggly, single-minded, and always hungry! Though having an infant isn’t easy, we never wavered from our dream and calling to build a family through adoption. Jeremy and I decided that we wanted to alternate:  a biological child, then an adopted child, then a biological child, and another adoption child –and after that just maybe do the whole thing one more time.

Before J was a year old, we started attending Adoption Discovery classes. Adoption Discovery is an organization which educates people about adoption and provides support as families go through the adoption process. We learned about the myths of adoption–a lot of which I hope to debunk in later blogs. We were taught how to navigate through the process and were given a detailed list of adoption agencies, which explained each agency’s requirements and what kind of adoptions each offered.

The class was seven weeks long. Jeremy and I decided to finish the classes and then immediately start our adoption process. But halfway through the classes, we found out we were pregnant! God has a great sense of humor. Our family grew, and our adoption plans were postponed.


How We Got Here, Part 1

     We are so glad that you are joining us on our adoption journey! God has done so many things to bring our family to this point, and we would love to share the story with you. In order to catch you up, I will be sending out a series of blogs on how God brought us here. This is the first one!

     Our journey with adoption has been a long one. I do not remember when I first began to think about adopting. I do remember the first discussion Jeremy and I had on this topic. It was 2004. We were engaged and talking on the phone in the middle of the night, trying to decide how many children we wanted to have. I mentioned to Jeremy that I thought it might be wonderful to adopt. He agreed but wasn’t sure adoption was for us. We decided to say “maybe” and start praying.

     Fast forward to 2006. Jeremy and I had been married for a little over two years. Focus on the Family had just teamed up with Family Life and some other organizations for a major push on orphan care. We were enthralled, listening to every radio broadcast with excitement. And somehow during that time, we knew. Our interest had become a passion–a calling from God to provide a forever family to one or more children.