How We Got Here, Part 2

Our son, J, was born in 2008. He was snuggly, single-minded, and always hungry! Though having an infant isn’t easy, we never wavered from our dream and calling to build a family through adoption. Jeremy and I decided that we wanted to alternate:  a biological child, then an adopted child, then a biological child, and another adoption child –and after that just maybe do the whole thing one more time.

Before J was a year old, we started attending Adoption Discovery classes. Adoption Discovery is an organization which educates people about adoption and provides support as families go through the adoption process. We learned about the myths of adoption–a lot of which I hope to debunk in later blogs. We were taught how to navigate through the process and were given a detailed list of adoption agencies, which explained each agency’s requirements and what kind of adoptions each offered.

The class was seven weeks long. Jeremy and I decided to finish the classes and then immediately start our adoption process. But halfway through the classes, we found out we were pregnant! God has a great sense of humor. Our family grew, and our adoption plans were postponed.


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