The Ice Cream Truck


Most. Fun. Ever.

Today for the first time we heard an ice cream truck drive by our house! I shouted: “Ice cream truck! Come on!” I grabbed my wallet and flip flops, and the three of us ran out of the house like mad men. We proceeded to chase the ice cream truck down the street in our pajamas; the boys didn’t even have on shoes! Thankfully we caught the truck! And after the ice cream man laughed his head off, we were able to buy 3 ice creams for $10. Ridiculously expensive I know, and it should have been embarrassing considering I was in pjs; but I didn’t care! It was my boys’ first time, and we all loved it! As the food coloring turned Jonathan’s face a ridiculous shade of blue, he sighed: “I love ice cream day.” Me too! Isn’t amazing how such a little thing can make you spectacularly happy!


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