God’s Overwhelming Blessings at Twisted Taco

So happy at the Twisted Taco Fundraiser! The boys and I had our faces painted. I have a butterfly painted on my face. This was at the end of the night, and my paint had begun to smudge a little!

As most of you know adoption can be quite costly, so we are deep in the midst of fundraising! So far we have had three fundraisers. The first two were yard sales. We sold many things that we didn’t need, and so many people donated things of their own for our sales. We are overwhelmed by how amazingly generous people have been. Our first two sales were great! We met both of our goals; and since people keep donating, we still have an entire garage full of stuff to sell. When I say full, I mean very full–so full in fact that you cannot enter the garage at all! I wish I could take a picture of all of the things people have donated. I promise you would be astounded. We are so grateful to God’s people and to the Lord for His mighty provision!

Last night we had our third fundraiser, and I have to say that it was by far the most fun of the three! Twisted Taco in Smyrna hosted a Spirit Night for us, donating part of their night’s proceeds to our adoption fund! They even put out a donation bucket for us. Having never done anything like this before, we had no expectations of how much money we would raise. We were just so grateful to Twisted Taco for giving us this opportunity!

Sometimes I am in awe when I see God’s provision. Last night was no exception. Thanks to the generosity of Twisted Taco and all of our dear friends, we have almost enough money to finish our homestudy! So far in this process, the Lord has provided so quickly for us. We can see His hand upon us and feel His blessing. Adoption is most definitely His will for us.

That isn’t to say that He will always continue to provide so quickly. I am fully aware that He is going to use this adoption process to stretch our faith, to grow and teach us. The adoption process can be exciting and joyful, but also heart-wrenching and discouraging. Regardless of where we are on this journey, I know that He will be with us, preparing us for the new child that is going to be a part of our forever family.

The funds the Lord provided last night were such a blessing. But an even bigger blessing was how many people came out to support us! We were surround by the love and support of God’s people, and I was completely overwhelmed. We are so truly blessed to know and love so many godly people. How blessed our new baby will be to know you all.

Last night was a wonderful party! Check out my next blog to see the pictures for yourself! And the food was so delicious!

Scripture teaches that we are to care for and defend the cause of the orphan. This in no way means that every family should adopt, but we should all be involved somehow in caring for the fatherless. Without your gifts, prayers, support, and encouragement, we would not be able to provide a home for a fatherless child. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord’s command. Thank you for loving me and my family.


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