Exciting News!

We have super exciting news!  We passed our homestudy!!!  This means that we are approved by the state to be adoptive parents.  The homestudy took a lot longer than we had hoped, but we received the great news right before Thanksgiving.  I waited to blog until people would be home because we wanted everyone to hear!  We are so overwhelmed by God’s goodness and faithfulness.  Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Our next step is serious fundraising.  We cannot go on the list to be chosen by a biological parent until we have a substantial amount of our placement fee.  This is to prevent an adoptive family from backing out at the last minute because of lack of funds, leaving a devastated birthmother to choose another family for her child.

As soon as the Lord provides the funds, we will go on the list!  Like all adoptive parents, we hope to bring our baby home soon.  But we are trusting God’s timing and provision.

The Thirty-One fundraiser is over now, and it was very successful!  Thank you to all those who purchased from Thirty-One; your purchases should be there soon!  Our Flower Power fundraiser has also ended.  Thanks to those of you who purchased bulbs.  I hope that when you see your Thirty-One products or your flowers bloom you will think of our family and the child for whom you helped provide a home!

Christmas is right around the corner, and we have great gifts for sale for your loved ones!  Our Just Love Coffee promotion is continuing; the coffee and hot chocolate are great!  And we are starting an exciting new fundraiser–online auctions!

Tomorrow morning at 9 (Nov. 27) we will start some online auctions.  We will be posting the information in our blog as well as on Jeremy and Amanda’s Facebook pages.  If you want to bid on something, you just comment with the amount of your bid under Amanda’s Facebook post.  We have some really amazing stuff, so be sure to check it out!  And please share the links with your friends and family.


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