You have to read this! God has done something spectacularly amazing!

This week the Lord chose to bless us in a way that completely overwhelmed and humbled us.  There are no words to express our awe and thanks.  I can barely tell you all what happened.  But I am going to try.

A couple of weeks ago Parks Stamper who works at The Fish Atlanta (radio station) told us about the Fish Christmas Wish List.  The Wish List is full of people and families who are anonymously nominated because of a need they have.  The radio station brings a copy of all of the wishes to a different Chick-fil-a each morning.  People look through them; and if they feel led, they can pick one wish to fulfill.  My mom nominated us, sharing about our adoption fees.  The wish list was first shown on Monday, November 26.  On the morning of Tuesday, November 27, I got a phone call that a family had chosen to meet our Christmas wish list and pay our $8,000 placement fee!

It was probably the most surreal and amazing moment of my life.  A man and his daughter were eating breakfast at Chick-fil-a when they looked at the Wish List together.  He told us that he felt a very clear leading to provide for our need.  He asked his daughter if there was one wish she liked, and she had been drawn to our story as well.  He talked to his wife and then called to let us know that they could cover the entire amount.  It was incredible!

We got to eat dinner with them on Tuesday night, and they are such an amazing, godly family!  We are so blessed that they will be a part of our baby’s life!

God’s provision is truly amazing!  He has been telling me all along to trust Him, that He owns everything and will provide for all our needs in His time.  And then He showed me how faithfully He keeps His Word.

When the Lord moves in your life in a grand way, sometimes words are too little.  In our amazing moment, I just smiled and laughed.  All I could say was, “Thank you. Thank you, Lord.  Who am I that you would do such a thing for me?”

We are so humbled and awed by God’s care for us.  As I read over this, I realize that it comes no where close to expressing how I really feel.  I suppose there are just some things that are too great to express.

Some of you know that we started an online auction Tuesday morning.  We are continuing with the auctions because we still need money for legal fees.  Also, we are open to adopting twins which would require $4,000 more.  Any money raised that does not go toward our fees will be given to some other adopting families that we know.  So please check out the auctions on my Facebook page.  Bid by typing your bid amount in the comment section under what you want.  We have some great stuff, so check it out.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers.  What a blessing and honor it is to know all of you.  Thank you to Parks and to the kind and generous family who met our Christmas wish.  And thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness and provision.


One thought on “You have to read this! God has done something spectacularly amazing!

  1. I was there when the family called with their MORE than generous offer! I can hardly still believe it! But then we met this family. They were so warm and loving, so open with their faith. It became easy to see how much they love Jesus and want to be obedient to him! We loved them right away. We have a kinship, are part of the same family of God. Now we are family by adoption! It’s awesome!

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