My Apologies

I am so very sorry that I haven’t posted in so long.  The last few months have been sort of out of control!  We celebrated holidays, traveled, had house guests, battled an insane amount of sickness, rode an ambulance to the ER (we are fine now), threw a huge third birthday party for Sam, celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary, and tried to continue with everyday life.  Each week I have intended to blog and update you, and something would always happen!  But in truth I think what most kept me from updating you all was my complete lack of information.As you might remember, November was a huge month for us.  Our homestudy was approved, and then the Lord used an amazing family to provide for our placement fees!  We were overwhelmed by God’s gracious provision and are still rejoicing in His goodness. But since then we have heard absolutely nothing about our adoption.We have entered into our active waiting period.  After working so hard on our homestudy, doing nothing feels extremely strange.  I envy my friends who are adopting internationally because most of them are told how far down on the list they are.  They will at least have time to prepare for their child’s coming.  We know nothing and will have very little warning!This is the way our adoption process will go:  whenever Jeremy and I meet a birthmother’s requirements (and she meets ours–though we have very few), she will be shown our profile along with other profiles that are a match.  She will choose an adoptive family and notify her social worker, but we will not be told.  In fact we probably won’t learn that we have been chosen until the birthparents’ parental rights have been terminated.  The birthmother cannot sign the adoption papers until after the baby is born.  In Georgia she then has 10 days to change her mind.  The parental rights are terminated after these ten days, and then we will get a call telling us about the baby.

Some agencies inform prospective adoptive parents if a birthmother has chosen them.  Our agency waits to inform us in order to prevent us from being devastated if a birth mother changes her mind about the adoption. All that to say, we will probably get a call that there is a baby available to us; and if we want this baby, we can come get him or her in 2 days.  The Call could come today or in 2 years!

And so we wait!  Waiting is an odd experience.  Sometimes I am full of hope; other times I feel discouraged and afraid.  Some days I feel so impatient for our baby to come and find myself daydreaming about The Call and our life together.  But some days our life is so chaotic!  I look around and think:  “What would I do if the baby came this week?  We are not ready!!!”  All in all adoption, like life is full of ups and downs!  Thankfully the Lord is faithful and steadfast, even when I am not.