S Dancing in the Bahamas

S Getting Hit in the Head by a Ball, and Loving It

S in a Sombrero

A while back I got the chance to write a blog about my oldest son.  Now I want to spend some time sharing with you about my second son, S.  When S was a baby, we best described him as happy.  He was all smiles almost all of the time!  Now that he is three, he shows a much wider range of emotions.  The one thing to count on is that his emotion will be big.  S is VERY happy, or VERY sad, or VERY angry or VERY excited.  He really is quite dramatic; and his dramatics are guaranteed to be loud but short-lived.

The best way to describe S now is affectionate.  He hugs and kisses me a hundred times a day.  He often kisses my forearm which is right at his lip level.  S likes to sweetly stroke my hair.  Please notice that I did not say gently stroke; in actuality he repeatedly injures me by pulling my hair.  S gives great compliments though.  He thinks Jeremy and I are “the best parents in the world” and frequently tells us that he loves us.

As I write this I can’t help but laugh because it makes S sound so adorable and sweet.  And it’s true; he is.  But he is also all boy:  hurling balls, knocking his brother down for no reason, wrestling his brother to the ground, loudly passing gas on purpose, and trying to push me over when he gives me a hug.

S has grown so much lately.  What is funny is that he is now at the age where he notices how much he has changed.  He often says, “I am bigger!  Look what I can do now!”

S is hilarious.  He loves to laugh loudly and be super silly!  He looks at himself in the mirror a lot.  I catch him making weird faces at himself, which is something I read Jim Carrey did growing up.  Perhaps I should be concerned…

S also loves to collect things.  He tries to bring rocks home from every place we visit.  He will fill a backpack with as many small toys as it will hold and then wear it all day, even when watching TV or eating lunch, even though the bag is terribly heavy.

Three is such a fun age.  I feel sad when I think that someday soon he might grow to be serious.  Some day he won’t want to give me kisses or tell me that I have the most beautiful hair.  Until that day comes, I am going to get as many little boy hugs and kisses as I can!


One thought on “S

  1. I miss S so much! I miss his hugs and his kisses, I even miss his loudness! lol He is so precious. Ok, now I’m crying. 😦 Whew, Mimi loves her grandsons.

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