So Much Change!

These past six months have been an amazing time of transition for my family.  Most days I have very little idea where this transition will lead!  But I do know that God has a plan, and He is working.

Of course His plans are hardly ever the same as mine.  Most of you probably know that my oldest son started Kindergarten last month.  We had planned for our kids to attend public school, but the Lord had something different in mind.  In May Jeremy and I went to tour our local public school.  I was really surprised when we both left feeling major unrest.  No school is perfect, but this school seemed really good and had a lot of wonderful qualities.  Still we knew in our spirits that this was not the place for J, at least not right now.  I immediately started checking out the other public schools in town.   If you want your kid to go to a school they are not zoned for, you have to get into a lottery.  And all the lotteries closed in February.  Private school costs a fortune and is definitely not an option for us now!  We were stuck and started really praying.  And just like usual, the LORD’s answer was most unexpected.

He led us to a hybrid homeschool.  For those of you (like me a few months ago) who have never heard or understood this term, a hybrid homeschool is an actual school that a child attends on certain days.  The other days your child has school at home.  J’s school is accredited and covers all of the core curriculum.  He goes to school two days a week, and I teach him the other three.  The school even provides all of the lesson plans and assignments, which is amazing because I would be terrible at that part!

This week is our sixth week of homeschooling, and every day so far has had its ups and downs.  Homeschooling is a major challenge, but it has also been awesome.  I am getting to spend tons of time with both my kids and actually see how much and how well my son is learning.  I am also getting to really invest my time and energy into pointing J toward Christ and helping him become the person God wants him to be!

Some of those pros can also be cons though!  Because I am spending tons of time with the boys, I have very little time to myself–oh how I miss alone time!  And investing my time and energy all day is shockingly exhausting, much more than I ever expected since I was already a stay-at-home mom.  Still, homeschooling J has also been a remarkably greater blessing than I ever imagined.  It is a lot of fun!  I don’t know if we will homeschool forever because we are taking it year-by-year.  But so far I am really loving it.

While I teach J, S sits with us at the table.  He doesn’t have to stay the whole time, but he mostly choses to.  S spends most of his time doing art work, which he absolutely loves!  On Saturday he whined because he wanted to “do school.”  This week I started some Pre-K 3 work with him, primarily learning letters, numbers, and shapes.  He got upset that he didn’t have enough assignments for him to do all day!

God is definitely using homeschooling to grow and change me!  He is teaching me to rely on Him more.  I can be incredibly impatient and easily frustrated, especially if I don’t sleep well.  And letting the Lord enable me to be patient, loving, understanding, gentle, and wise can be really hard!  As I struggle to teach my kids, I am also learning more about what it must be like for Him!  I am sure that He sometimes talks to me, and I am too distracted to hear Him.  The Lord knows everything, but I think I know so much.  I don’t listen to Him.  I want to do things my way and in my time.  But His grace is so great!  He is teaching me how to accept His grace and give that grace to my children and others.  Some days I am slow to learn, but I know this lesson is important!

This change has brought a new chaos to our home; but since we are in the process of calming other things down, we seem to be effectively weathering the change.  I will try to keep you all updated on our exciting misadventures!  Truth be told you can probably expect days full of a lot of laughs and tears (from both J, S, and me)!


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