Night Terrors

Oh, the adventures of being a mom!  Tonight S got overtired and completely fell apart.  A grown up would just go to sleep, but a three-year-old will incessantly whine and keep his brother awake.  When I finally left the boys’ room because S wasn’t quiet, he began to sob inconsolably, chased after me, and threw himself down on the floor while screaming and kicking his feet.  After the firm threat of spankings, he went quietly to his room.

At this point S was too upset to sleep alone and needed to lie on the floor with me.  We had been on the floor for less than a minute, when he panicked and began to shout that he had stuck something up his nose.  Seriously.  J (who was still awake–who could sleep in this chaos?) thought the whole situation was super exciting and proceeded to share from his wisdom about his trip from the ER for the same reason.

Thankfully my husband is amazing and was able to remove the object with tweezers.  It was part of a leg off of a stretchy silicon toy, about an inch long.  What was S thinking?

After the extraction, I told the kids to get in bed immediately.  In complete exhaustion and frustration, I cried out to God for help and patience.  S asked:  “Why are you praying to God?”  My response:  “I need His help because you are driving me crazy!”

The boys finally fell asleep, cuddled with me in my bed.  I pray tomorrow is easier, but I am guessing it probably won’t be.  At least life is always exciting!  And thank You, God, for no ER visits tonight!


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