Many months later…

After months of silence I have finally returned to our blog.  I apologize for the lack of communication.  Life has been so very overwhelming that I didn’t have time to write about it!  I can hardly believe that the last blog I wrote was to tell everyone that I was pregnant, 9 months ago.  So much has happened in that time that it feels almost unreal!  Most of you who read our blog probably also follow us on Facebook and know about the main things that have happened to us. For those of you who don’t, I will try to give a quick run-down of all the major changes our lives have taken since I wrote last.

In March after a full year of praying, searching, and waiting on the Lord, Jeremy got a new job!  He officially started in April as the children’s minister of a large church in a different state.  He gets to minister to around 150 kids from birth to sixth grade.  And Jeremy gets to lead and serve alongside an amazing group of adults who are committed to loving and teaching the kids on a weekly basis!  The church is wonderful and is filled with a group of the kindest people I have ever had the honor to meet.

For a long time Jeremy had been doing what he needed to do to provide for our family.  Now he is providing for us by doing something that brings him fulfillment and allows him to use the talents God has given him!  He is so full of joy and excitement!  I cannot express to you what a blessing it is to see Jeremy work with the kids and adults.  The Lord has obviously placed him where he is supposed to be!

We found an amazing house to rent with a spectacular backyard.  We even have a big playground—swings, climbing wall, picnic table, fort, and slide!  Our home is lovely, and our backyard is both exciting and peaceful.  We also have a great and godly landlord.

Jeremy moved in April, and the boys and I followed in May when our house was ready.  The church surrounded us with love and support, both emotionally and physically!  A group even came over to help us unpack and do work around the house—hanging closet rods, hooking up our washer and dryer, etc.  They brought delicious meals and made us feel at home.

Then three weeks later our third son was born!  For purposes of this blog, I will call him G; and he is the sweetest, most laid back baby ever!  Jeremy, the big boys, and I are absolutely in love with him.  On a daily basis the big brothers get into an argument because they each want G’s undivided attention!  “Stop it!  I want him to look at me!  I am playing with G right now!”  They are great brothers, loving and funny.

G is a great sleeper and eater.  And he loves to cuddle.  I can’t believe it, but he is already 4 months old!  We are entering a fun phase with lots of smiles and laughs.  One of his favorite things is for me or his brothers to speak in a super deep voice.  He knows we don’t usually sound that way, so it always makes him crack up!  He also loves for Jeremy to nuzzle his tummy.

J and S have handled our move fairly well.  They still miss their friends and our old life, but they have made a lot of new friends here and are starting to feel more at home.  I am homeschooling J in first grade, and S is going to Pre-K three days a week.  They are both doing really well and learning a lot.

Life in our new home has had some stressors.  We got fleas even though we don’t have pets!  How does that happen?!?!?!  Since G was born I have been struggling some with anxiety, similar to what I had when I was pregnant with J.  We still haven’t fully unpacked, much less hung pictures or decorated.  And then there is the stress that comes with change:  new state, new home, new job, new baby, etc.!  But the Lord is faithful and good, and He has helped and is helping us through all of these things!  The blessings He has lavished upon us so far outweigh the difficulties!

In regard to our adoption, we know that the Lord is still calling us down this path; and we are already praying about our next steps.  Our hope and prayer is that our fourth child will be a year-and-a-half or two years younger than G.  Unfortunately, in many ways we are starting over in the adoption process.  Please pray for us as we look at different agencies and seek the Lord’s will in growing our family. And  I will try to do better about keeping this blog updated!

Gideon loves Daddy

Zoo Train

Gideon loves Daddy1


2 thoughts on “Many months later…

  1. Amanda, your Church family is so happy to have you. I enjoyed reading your blog. If you ever need someone to talk to, or need an extra hand; please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your sistah in Christ, Mary Lyon

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