The Apparent Project

We have started a new fundraiser, and I am so excited about it that I have been freaking out!  The Bible states clearly that we are to care for orphans and all those in need.  Our new fundraiser,The Apparent Project, does both! In fact their website says, “What if the way you funded your adoption empowered her to keep her son?”

Haiti is the poorest country in our hemisphere.  Even before the terrible earthquake in Haiti, the country had approximately 500,000 orphans.  In truth most of these children were not true orphans; they were children who were given up by their parents due to extreme poverty.  Adopting these children is an amazingly wonderful thing to do.  But how much better it would be if these parents were able to provide for their children so that their families could stay together!  The Apparent Project is working toward this goal.

Here is how it works.  People in Haiti have made beautiful beaded bracelets, which we are selling here in the U.S.!  My family has 150 of these bracelets to sell at $10 each.  For every one sold, we get $5 to help bring our baby home, and $5 goes to provide jobs for these artisans in Haiti.  This is definitely a win-win!  If we sell them all, $750 will go to these people in Haiti!  That is a lot of money there.

The bracelets are really beautiful.  Each bead is handmade, and each bracelet includes a short bio about the person who made that bracelet.  Jeremy and I both are carrying bracelets to sell.  If you are interested, just let us know.  If you don’t live nearby, just contact us through Facebook or our adoption email lynchesloveadoption@hotmail.com.  We would also be happy to mail bracelets with just the small added cost of shipping.  Thanks for helping us bring our baby home and for caring for the poor in Haiti!

If you want to see pictures of what the bracelets look like or read more about The Apparent Project, check out their website.



Sweet Blessings

A wonderful surprise happened today!  Our adoption agency called.  Now in my experience (and from what I have read and heard from others) adoption agencies rarely call.  We have called our Georgia agency as well as our new agency lots of times, but I can’t think of one time that they initiated communication.

This morning was different.  The executive director called us!  She knew of a birthmother and wanted to know if we had a finished adoption profile to show.  A profile is like a little scrapbook with a letter and pictures to help birth families understand what you are like; it includes most of the information that a birthmother will use to pick a couple or individual to parent her child.  We have a profile, but it is very old.  We aren’t even finished with all of our paperwork for the agency, so I hadn’t made a new profile yet.  The director said, “Can you send what you do have?  We want our families to have as many opportunities as possible.”  And my heart overflowed with joy and peace.

There is no reason to believe that this birthmother will choose us over the other adopting couples.  My joy wasn’t about that.  My joy came from the fact that our adoption agency actually cares.  Our adoption process has been long and drawn out.  To put our timeline in perspective, we started our original paperwork when S was 15 months old.  He is now 5!  We often felt like we were alone in our adoption process, and we wondered if anyone was advocating for us at all.  We believe that God has a specific child for our family, and so I know that this is all His timing.  But sometimes waiting on God is hard and discouraging and lonely.

Today the executive director of our new agency reached out to us in order to help us in this difficult process!  I still have no idea how long our adoption will take.  But the Lord reminded us today that He is doing a great work.  He reaffirmed that we have chosen the right agency.  And He encouraged me to keep trusting in His goodness and His good timing.

Please continue to pray for us as we follow God’s leading.  Pray for our future child.  And please pray for this birthmother (and all the others) who have made the courageous decision to choose life and are now searching for the right family to parent their child.

As you know we are actively fundraising, and we need your advice!  We are planning to make fundraising shirts, but we cannot decide what to put on them.  Please vote (as a comment on the blog or on Facebook) which shirt you would be most likely to buy.  Voting in no way commits you to purchasing a shirt!

Shirt Ideas:

1. Love makes a family.

2. Adoption–God’s Idea First

3. Superman was adopted too.


Beginning Again

Hi, everyone!  I am officially returning to the world of regular blogging because I have big news!  We are starting our adoption process again!

Due to our big move and the special arrival of G, we needed to change agencies.  We have chosen to use Private Adoption Services, Inc. in Cincinnati.  We do know that it seems weird to choose an agency so far away.  Private Adoption Services was recommended to us by another family who adopted.  They shared a wonderful testimony of how positive their adoption experience was.  What really convinced us was that their child’s birthmother had told them that as difficult as the process had been that she had felt so supported and cared for.  The family we know had other people who used the agency tell them the same thing.  Also, the agency offers counseling for birth families before and after the adoption!  We want so much to minister to a birth family, to serve and love them during this extremely difficult time.

So we are beginning again!  Well, actually we have already begun.  We redid our homestudy, completed our background checks, filled out our application forms, and asked for reference letters.  Our hope is to be in process with the agency within the next month, Lord willing!

As you know we did a lot of fundraising in the past.  That money went to pay for our homestudy and all of our agency fees.  Because we had to switch agencies, we unfortunately were not able to get most of our money back.  For those of you who gave in the past, I know how frustrating this is. As discouraging as the financial loss is, we are trusting in God’s sovereign plan.  He is the One who truly provides for our needs, and the money was His to do with as He pleased.

We have renewed two of our online fundraisers, Just Love Coffee and Flower Power.  Just Love Coffee sells delicious fair-trade and organic coffees and gives us a portion of the proceeds.  Flower Power sells beautiful garden plants, and we get 50% of the money from those sales.  Please check out those awesome sites.  The links are on the side of our blog.  By the way, our Flower Power site has been having a bit of trouble.  I am hoping it will be resolved within the next few days; so if it doesn’t work, please try again later!

We so appreciate your prayers and support during this time!  We cannot wait to see the ways God works as He grows our family through adoption!