The Apparent Project

We have started a new fundraiser, and I am so excited about it that I have been freaking out!  The Bible states clearly that we are to care for orphans and all those in need.  Our new fundraiser,The Apparent Project, does both! In fact their website says, “What if the way you funded your adoption empowered her to keep her son?”

Haiti is the poorest country in our hemisphere.  Even before the terrible earthquake in Haiti, the country had approximately 500,000 orphans.  In truth most of these children were not true orphans; they were children who were given up by their parents due to extreme poverty.  Adopting these children is an amazingly wonderful thing to do.  But how much better it would be if these parents were able to provide for their children so that their families could stay together!  The Apparent Project is working toward this goal.

Here is how it works.  People in Haiti have made beautiful beaded bracelets, which we are selling here in the U.S.!  My family has 150 of these bracelets to sell at $10 each.  For every one sold, we get $5 to help bring our baby home, and $5 goes to provide jobs for these artisans in Haiti.  This is definitely a win-win!  If we sell them all, $750 will go to these people in Haiti!  That is a lot of money there.

The bracelets are really beautiful.  Each bead is handmade, and each bracelet includes a short bio about the person who made that bracelet.  Jeremy and I both are carrying bracelets to sell.  If you are interested, just let us know.  If you don’t live nearby, just contact us through Facebook or our adoption email  We would also be happy to mail bracelets with just the small added cost of shipping.  Thanks for helping us bring our baby home and for caring for the poor in Haiti!

If you want to see pictures of what the bracelets look like or read more about The Apparent Project, check out their website.


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