Let the T-Shirt Sales Begin!

Many of you have put your two cents into our t-shirt design!  You voted on slogans and graphics; you even offered suggestions and advice–most of which wasn’t too terrible.  Just kidding!  You all have been amazing!  We love, love how so many people are involved in our adoption!   We appreciate you more than you can ever know.  Thank you for all your help!

The shirts are finally ready for order!  We hope you like really like them.  One great thing about Bonfire Funds (our t-shirt fundraising company) is that each person can buy the type of shirt they prefer (unisex softstyle, ladies slim-fit, youth, or long sleeve t-shirt, or a hooded sweatshirt).  So please get shopping for yourself and for your loved ones!  I realize it is early, but shirts make great Christmas gifts!

The shirts will be on sale for only 21 days, meaning the sale ends on September 27!  You can order them online at this website:  www.bonfirefunds.com/lynches-love-adoption.  Your order will be shipped to you directly!

Jeremy and I have fundraising shirts from other adopting families.  We hope that lots of people will buy shirts in support of our adoption.  But our favorite thing about adoption t-shirts is how the shirts give us the opportunity to talk about orphan care.  We hope that you will have many opportunities to use our adoption shirts in the same way!

Lynches Love Adoption


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