Hurry Quick! 2 Fundraisers Ending!

I wanted to remind you all that two of our fundraisers are about to end.  We are selling flower bulbs through an online site called Flower Power.  50% of the proceeds goes toward our adoption, and the fundraiser ends on Oct. 15!  As you gardeners know, this is the perfect time to order bulbs, so hurry and make your purchases this week!  The bulbs must be ordered online, and you can find the Flower Power link to the right of this blog post.

Our spaghetti dinner at Gail’s Down the Street Cafe is also on October 15th at 6 p.m.  Tickets are $10 and must be purchased in advanced.  You can get them from Jeremy or Amanda, or at Gail’s Down the Street.  The dinner is sure to be a really fun time of fellowship.  Ms. Gail asked us to tell you that we will have on the Auburn vs. Kentucky game if anyone wants to watch!


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