National Adoption Month, Christian Flags, and an Online Auction

The Lord is steadily providing what we need financially for our adoption!  In the last two weeks, we received two different $500 checks in the mail.  Both were a complete surprise!  The Lord keeps reminding me that He owns everything and provides for our needs in His good time.

We are so blessed to see God at work in our adoption and in other adopting families!  Some of our friends from seminary were just connected with a birthmother and will be adopting a newborn in December!  Misti and Jacob, who I told you about earlier this week, are still in Colombia.  They are fighting illness and are homesick for three of their children, while they wait to bring their fourth child home.

November is National Adoption Month!  God is doing a great work in the lives of the fatherless all over the world.  Please join me in praying for those children who do not have a parent’s love and protection.  Pray for Christians throughout the world to answer God’s call to get involved in orphan care!

We are starting two new fundraisers just in time for Christmas!

Christian Flag Fundraiser

We are selling Christian car flags which mount on your car window. The cost is only $15!  The flags must be pre-ordered, so let us know if you want to purchase.

Online Auction

In a couple of weeks we will be starting an online auction!  We have a lot of our own items to auction off, but we   need more auction items to be donated.  Anything large or small can be auctioned.

If an item is large, we will post the town in which it is found (i.e., this bookcase is in the Atlanta area).  That way people in California will know not to bid on that item.  If an item is small, we can easily have it shipped.  If you have a small item to donate but don’t live near us, we can post the picture of your item online; and have you ship it directly from your town.  Don’t worry; we will pay for shipping!

Maybe you don’t have any possessions to auction off, but you could offer a service.  Here are some ideas of services which could be donated:  babysitting, house cleaning, laundry, cooking, changing oil, photography sessions, hair cuts, manicures, or yard work.  In truth just about anything could be auctioned off.  We will list the town in which the service is available.

If you have an item or service to donate, please let us know!  Thanks for all of your help and prayers!


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