Fun and Successful!

A big thanks to Bama Lanes for hosting our fundraiser!  And a big thanks to all those who came out and bowled.  I hope you had as much fun as we did!  We also raised $58 which is so awesome!  Our adoption money is coming in a little at a time.  God has called us to adopt, and He is faithful to provide!

I wanted to let you know that we now have adoption prayer cards!  A kind friend from our church had the idea and had them printed for us!  They are the size of business cards with a picture of our family and information about our adoption.  We would love to send you one as a reminder to pray for our adoption and for orphans around the world.  Our hope is that people will join with us to pray for orphans every day at lunchtime!  If you are interested in a card, let us know.  Jeremy and I carry them with us.  We would also be happy to mail one to you if you don’t live near by!  If you would like us to send you a card, you can comment on this blog post or let us know on Facebook.

Our next fundraiser should be really fun!  We will be holding a family movie night, probably at the beginning of April.  I am crazy excited about this!!!  More information will be coming soon!