I miss our baby this week. I feel a hole, a longing in my heart for our adopted child.  Missing someone you don’t know is an odd feeling.  On a day when my three children have exhausted me, frustrated me to no end, and tempted me to cry (or scream), missing a child I don’t yet know seems illogical–nonsensical even. But I do.

I long to hold our baby, to feel him in my arms. I long to see her face. I long to let my adopted child know how much he or she is wanted.

And so I pray. I pray for my child’s safety.  I pray my child’s birthmother will make wise choices and that she will know that she is loved. I pray that our hearts will be prepared for the joys and sorrows that come with adoption. I pray that God will show Himself mighty in this painful situation. I pray that He will bring our baby home soon.

And I pray that I will have the strength to wait patiently and faithfully.

Please pray with me.

Don’t forget that our Superhero Fun Run/Walk is coming up June 4th. You can find a link to the registration form on the right of this page.


Race Entry Form

Please copy and paste this form into an email and send it to lynchesloveadoption@hotmail.com.

Superhero Fun Run/Walk Entry Form

Name of Participant:

Phone Number:


Pre-Registration Cost:  $15 per person, maximum $40 per family!  (Price will be $20 on race day with a $50 family maximum.)

Superhero attire is required for this race.  Would you like to purchase a mask ($3) or cape ($7) to wear in the race?  Please indicate which one.


Payment should be sent through PayPal to lynchesloveadoption@hotmail.com. www.paypal.com




Superhero Fun Run/Walk

We are holding a Superhero Fun Run/Walk on June 4th at Fox Hollow Park!  The course is one mile long.  The walk is family friendly, so bring the kids and come have a great time!

Superhero attire is required, but we will have masks ($3) and capes ($7) for sale for those without costumes!

Be sure to brush up on your superhero knowledge before you come!  There will be checkpoints with trivia questions along the path.

Pre-Registration Cost:  $15 per person, with a $40 maximum per family.

Cost on race day will increase to $20 per person, with a $50 maximum per family.

Please arrive at the park between 9 and 9:30 a.m.  The race will start at 10 a.m.

The entry form for the race is in the next blog and can also be found in the Fundraiser Links to the right.

See you June 4th at 9:30 a.m. in Fox Hollow Park!