I miss our baby this week. I feel a hole, a longing in my heart for our adopted child.  Missing someone you don’t know is an odd feeling.  On a day when my three children have exhausted me, frustrated me to no end, and tempted me to cry (or scream), missing a child I don’t yet know seems illogical–nonsensical even. But I do.

I long to hold our baby, to feel him in my arms. I long to see her face. I long to let my adopted child know how much he or she is wanted.

And so I pray. I pray for my child’s safety.  I pray my child’s birthmother will make wise choices and that she will know that she is loved. I pray that our hearts will be prepared for the joys and sorrows that come with adoption. I pray that God will show Himself mighty in this painful situation. I pray that He will bring our baby home soon.

And I pray that I will have the strength to wait patiently and faithfully.

Please pray with me.

Don’t forget that our Superhero Fun Run/Walk is coming up June 4th. You can find a link to the registration form on the right of this page.


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