Superheroes Unite to Support Adoption!

A lot of Superheroes love adoption.  We found out last week that a few of our favorite Superheroes will be joining us for our Fun Run!  Come on out and meet your favorite heroes, courtesy of Party Palace!

Our Superhero Fun Run/Walk is coming up soon–on June 4th at Fox Hollow Park!  The one mile walk is family friendly, so bring the kids and come have a great time!

Registration costs increase on race day, so sign up now!

Pre-Registration Cost:  $15 per person, with a $40 maximum per family.

Cost on race day will increase to $20 per person, with a $50 maximum per family.

Please arrive at the park between 9 and 9:30 a.m.  The race will start at 10 a.m.

The entry form for the race is down below and can also be found in the Fundraiser Links to the right.

Please copy and paste the information found below into an email and send it to

Superhero Fun Run/Walk Entry Form

Name of Participant:

Phone Number:


Pre-Registration Cost:  $15 per person, maximum $40 per family!  (Price will be $20 on race day with a $50 family maximum.)

Superhero attire is required for this race.  Would you like to purchase a mask ($3) or cape ($7) to wear in the race?  Please indicate which one.


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