Hills and Valleys

The last few months have been interesting for us.  Usually life goes along normally until something big happens.  But over the last few months, we have had an insane number of hills and valleys.  Life has felt like a roller coaster–not the exhilarating and happy ones. Life has felt more like the roller coasters that are awesome and then make you feel like you might die of terror and stress.

I won’t dwell on our valleys here.  They were extremely difficult, frustrating, exhausting.  But I don’t want to focus my thoughts on that.  I want to focus on our Lord God who saw us through.  How amazing is it that God uses difficult times to draw us deeper into intimate relationship with Him?  He is so gloriously kind!

The Lord has poured on great blessings over the last few months.  He was with me in the hard times; and He is walking with me step by step into healing, steadily freeing me of fear.  We went on the best beach vacation ever.  Then we went to Disney World.  My kids actually love homeschool this year.  I went away overnight for a women’s conference.  I got to host Thanksgiving with my parents and five international students.  But one of the best highlights was that our two oldest sons were baptized!  What joy!

I wish that I blogged more, kept you all more up to date with what is happening.  In truth I haven’t known how to write about our roller coaster life.  So I have decided to touch base with you to tell you this:  God is faithful and good.  He keeps His promises.  And we can trust Him.

We are still waiting to get chosen by a birthmother.  I had a great talk with our social worker the other day, and she is actively waiting with us for the right birthmother to come along.  God has His plans.  He is faithful and good.  He keeps His promises.  And we can trust Him, even when the waiting is hard.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  Love to you all.


P.S. I just realized that I never updated you about our card fundraiser.  The sale of the cards brought in more than $200!  We are so blessed.  Thank you so very much for your support.  We are even more grateful for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for us and for our child’s birthmother.


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