We Need Your Help!

Our Family Movie Event is coming up soon!  Please join us for a showing of Disney’s Meet the Robinsons on January 21 from 3-5 at Frazer United Methodist Church.

We are going to have an amazing time!  Tickets are free, and we will be selling concessions.  A love offering will be taken to raise money for our adoption fund.

You can get tickets at the door, but it would really help us to plan if you would get your tickets ahead of time.  Here is where we need your help!

1.   Reserve your tickets on Eventbrite.  Here is the web address:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/family-movie-night-tickets-30467741836

2.  Post information about the Family Movie Event on your Facebook page.  We need your help to spread the word!  Don’t forget to include the link to reserve tickets.  And please tag us in the post so we will know.

3.  Come have a great time!!!


Thanks for all of your support and help in bringing our baby home!  We are so grateful that all of you are a part of our baby’s story!

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