I Didn’t Want to Foster

Becoming a foster family requires a lot of training!  We spent the Fall taking classes on how to care for children who have had traumatic experiences.  These classes were incredibly, emotionally draining but extremely important.  We feel so much more prepared and capable of caring for children’s needs, but we also know that we probably won’t feel that way when we are actually faced with being a foster family!

We are so blessed that our entire family is supportive of our call to foster and adopt!  Jeremy’s family is so encouraging of our journey.  In fact Jeremy’s brother and sister-in-love are fostering as well.  Since my parents live with us, they were required to take the classes with us, week after week of training and so much homework!  Our children are excited as well.  When we spoke to the kids about the difficulties of fostering, we asked them whether or not they wanted to foster.  One of them responded:  “Who wouldn’t want to be a foster family?!”

Honestly, for a long time I didn’t want to be a foster family.  Making the decision to foster was extremely hard for me.  On one hand I am tired of waiting for our adoption, and I want to help a child in need NOW.  On the other hand I felt like deciding to foster was giving up on our adoption.  Fostering can certainly lead to adoption, but that is not its purpose; the hope for fostering is that a child can return to their biological family.  I still hope and believe that the Lord will allow us to provide a forever home for a child, and that very well may happen through fostering.  But after much prayer, I knew that we were to foster.  How could we not provide a safe and loving home for a child who needs one, whether for a short time or a long time?  Thankfully the Lord has changed my heart, and I am now so very excited to foster!

So what are our next steps?  This week we will take a one day child/infant CPR and first aid class, as well as a water safety class (since we have a pool).  Then we will have to redo our homestudy, which will require background checks (for all those in the home over 18), clearance from our doctors, and for a social worker to do at least two home visits.

We are also working hard at getting our house ready to accommodate more children!  Many of you know that our home is commonly in various stages of disarray.  We are working so hard to get our home into a nice condition, not just for fostering but also to improve our everyday life.  I so want to be organized, and I think having a strict goal date is helping me to really get it together.  Our first homestudy visit is Tuesday, February 27.

We want this process to move super quickly, but we also know that life rarely works that way for us!  We have also decided to stay in relationship with our adoption agency because we do not want to close any doors to what God’s plan may be.

So here we are again, continuing to wait and trust the Lord!  This is truly the story of our lives and our faith.  As frustrating as the waiting can sometimes be, I know that is where the Lord so often grows me the most.  So grow us, Lord; and let Your will be done in our lives.  And help me to wait for You because sometimes it is so hard!


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